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The amount of single-use plastics used daily worldwide amasses millions of pounds worth of harmful waste, and it’s only getting worse. At Uberplas, our mission is to recycle as much recyclable plastics as possible and provide recycling facilities and manufacturers with the resources they need in order to keep their feedstock moving. We support businesses globally to take steps towards a new, greener standard through the supply of plastic scraps and recycled plastic pellets.

Playing our part in recycling plastics

Our strong understanding of the global market and extensive expertise in plastic recycling helps us play a pivotal role in the reduction of landfilling and incinerating valuable recyclable materials. We believe in putting plastic back into recycling and manufacturing, not into landfill. And we are committed to providing the necessary resources to our customers worldwide. However, we also know the importance of virgin plastics for certain grades in manufacturing; therefore, we also supply virgin plastic as required.

How do we do it?

Using our extensive local and global network, we supply the scrap and pellet grades as required. But how do we do it? We believe that it’s our unique, personable approach and commitment to providing a quality product and professional service on every purchase that ensures our customers are satisfied at every stage in the journey.

Product solutions that match your business needs

In recycling, there is no such thing as a generic product. We assess your enquiry and supply the grades that are suitable for your production. We do things the right way at Uberplas, focusing on sustainability, quality of service, and professionalism above all else. With us, what you see is what you get — quality supply, expert insight, and award-winning export services. Get in touch today and take the first step towards a greener future with a trusted plastic supply.

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