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What We Do

Uberplas takes a significant part in the supply chain of recycling plastics and plays an important role in adequately supplying a global client base.

However, the foundation of our operations is grounded in our passion for making the use of plastic as sustainable as possible.

According to ourworldindate.org, the world has recycled only 9% of plastic products in the last 65 years.

Given this statistic, and that fact that massive plastic use continues each day, we have a long way to go before plastic use is sustainable.

We take part in the recycling sector and work to our fullest capacity to increase the amount of plastic products taken back into the recycling process.

What We Buy

When it comes to buying plastic, we’re not very picky.

Uberplas buys a wide range of plastic scrap in multiple grades, assortments, and bales.

This includes:

  • LDPE Films

  • HDPE Bottles

  • PET Bottles

  • PP

  • PS

What We Sell

We’re able to cater to a wide range of customers who utilize our products.

Our products include:

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