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With a focus on high-quality, product-matched resources, everything we supply is assessed to meet the highest manufacturing and recycling standards. Whether you have particular requirements or are looking to try us out as a new supplier, speaking to our expert team is the place to start.

Plastic Scraps

If you’re a recycling plant that needs a reliable and steady supply of plastic scraps for recycling purposes in Europe or worldwide, Uberplas can help.We supply plastic scraps in different polymer groups and grades. Please check our recyclable products.

Recycled Plastic Pellets

If you require recycled plastic pellets for manufacturing, Uberplas is here to bridge the gap. We have a range of reprocessed pellets in high and low-density polyethylene, polypropylene, as well as PET flakes, in different MFI and density levels.

Virgin Plastic Pellets

Alongside our sustainable materials, Uberplas also supplies businesses globally with sourced virgin plastic pellets. We work with our customers to find the ideal materials for the job, whether these are included alongside existing recycled materials or purchased solo. The virgin plastic pellets we supply meet all expected requirements and quality control standards for industries that cannot use recycled plastic.

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Have specific requirements for plastic supply? Speaking to our specialist team at Uberplas is the best place to start. Give us a call or contact us online today to discuss our different product ranges. We can advise on the ideal options for your business and supply you with the materials you request.

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