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Uberplas is a prominent plastic scrap supplier throughout the UK, the EU, and globally. We equip recycling plants and centres with essential resources, enabling efficient on-site recycling operations.

Our role is to address supply chain challenges faced by businesses, providing top-grade materials for processes that not only positively impact the environment but also cater to the specific requirements of our diverse clientele.

Explore our selection of Plastic Scrap currently on offer…

LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) Film Scrap

Low-density polyethylene is one of our most-supplied forms of plastic scrap.

It is highly functional and versatile for films, bin bags, insulation, carrier bags and packaging.

We can provide various films and combinations to suit individual supply and business needs.

  • LDPE Film 98/2 – 98% Natural and 2% Colour film including the LLDPE stretch film

  • LDPE Film 95/5 and 90/10 – 90-95% Natural and 5-10% Colour film including the LLDPE stretch film

  • LDPE Film 80/20 – 80% Natural and 20% Colour film including the LLDPE stretch film

  • LDPE Mixed Colour (Jazz) Film

  • Natural and Mixed Colour Films

*Percentage may vary from batch to batch due to the nature of scrap. The percentages are general indicators in the sector for product specs.

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Bottles Scrap

High-density polyethylene is often used in kitchenware and for carrier bags, cable insulation, and more.

Uberplas can supply your business with several types of HDPE to suit your supply requirements.

Whether in combination or as a single plastic source, we work with you to ensure the highest standard of product.

  • HDPE Natural Bottle (Milk Bottle) Scrap

  • HDPE 90/10 Bottle Scrap

  • HDPE Mixed Colour (Jazz) Bottle Scrap

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Bottles Scrap


PET is a common resource for bottles, trays and more, and we supply it in a range of different grades to suit your current supply needs.

In addition to standard scraps, we can also offer crushed flakes for textile industry use, as per your business goals.

  • PET Natural Bottle Scrap

  • PET 90/10 Bottle Scrap

  • PET Mixed Colour (Jazz) Bottle Scrap

PP (Polypropylene) Scrap

Polypropylene is used for medical components, buckets, crates and other hardy manufacturing.

Uberplas can supply this hard-wearing plastic scrap for recycling purposes, allowing for the sustainable reuse of a wide array of products and materials.

  • PP PTT (Pots, Tubs and Trays) Scrap

  • PP Big Bag Scrap

Aluminium and Tin/Steel Can Scrap

Uberplas is committed to supporting sustainability by supplying recycled metal cans, explicitly focusing on Aluminium and Tin/Steel cans. These materials are essential in various commercial and household applications, and we ensure their availability for recycling and manufacturing purposes.

Aligned with the growing demand for recycled materials in the UK and beyond, Uberplas provides segregated streams of Aluminium cans, primarily used in beverage packaging and Steel cans. Our role as a supplier connects these valuable recycled materials with the manufacturing sector, where they are repurposed into new products.

Cardboard and OCC Scrap

We supply a range of cardboard and Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC) scrap. These materials are integral to many sectors, serving globally as the backbone for packaging, storage, and shipping needs. Our commitment to providing high-quality, recycled cardboard and OCC scrap aligns with our mission to support environmental sustainability and waste reduction. We ensure a steady and reliable supply of these materials, helping businesses maintain efficient operations while contributing to a more sustainable, circular economy.

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