Looking for a reliable supply of recycled plastic pellets?

As a company that’s serious about reducing plastic waste, we know that you’re looking for a reliable supply of recycled plastic. As global suppliers of recycled plastic pellets, we support businesses like yours in reducing plastic waste and achieving the best sustainability possible. With a wide range of different grades and quantities available to our customer base, we can support your supply chain with quality products tailored to your manufacturing needs.

Reliable, professional supply on your schedule

You’re a busy manufacturing company that needs a continuous feedstock. As a dedicated supplier, we understand our customers’ needs as much as we do our own. We know that an efficient, streamlined supply chain is best for everyone involved. That’s why we work directly with our customers to deliver the products that are on schedule, allowing your manufacturing plans to run like clockwork.

Recycled plastic pellets are a vital component in manufacturing, and we go the extra mile to provide a service that you can trust. From local supply to shipping worldwide, Uberplas takes our commitment to our customers seriously, no matter the distance.

Our Recycled Plastic Pellets

We supply a range of different recycled plastic pellets to match the needs of our customers in the EU and around the world. These include:

LDPE Grades

  • rLDPE Clear Pellets

  • rLDPE Natural Pellets

  • rLDPE Black Colour Pellets

HDPE Grades

  • rHDPE Natural Pellets

  • rHDPE White Colour Pellets

  • rHDPE Black Colour Pellets

PP Grades

  • rPP White Colour Pellets

  • rPP Grey Colour Pellets

  • rPP Black Colour Pellets

PET Grade

  • PET Natural Regrind

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As a reliable and qualified addition to your supply network, we ensure you have access to the stock necessary to maintain higher green ratings while accessing the same exceptional quality materials for your processes.

Our comprehensive selection of recycled pellets can suit a multitude of business needs. After something specific?

Get in touch with Uberplas directly, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

With over six years of experience in the recycled plastics industry, we’ll work with you to supply you with the materials you need.

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