Need a reliable supply of virgin plastic pellets?

While the bulk of our expertise lies in recyclables, we also understand the need for virgin plastics within manufacturing. Through the supply of these virgin plastic pellets, we provide a comprehensive service to our global customers.

We deliver virgin plastic pellets alongside our recycled product range, as well as for solo requirements.

Uberplas is dedicated to supporting businesses in improving and streamlining supply chains for businesses globally.

Why Virgin?

From medical to food-safe products, many of our customers need access to high-quality virgin plastic, as well as our comprehensive range of recycled plastic products.

As key suppliers, it makes sense to provide our customers with the pellets they need in order to get the work done.

Our Virgin Plastic Pellets

Uberplas supply virgin plastic pellets in line with your individual production needs. These include:

  • LPDE Pellets

  • LLDPE Pellets

  • HDPE Pellets

  • PP Pellets

Professional, tailored plastic solutions

Working with our customers directly, we ensure that you get the best materials and supplies for your needs. We listen to you first and foremost; then, our expertise allows us to provide advice and guidance on the best products for your requirements.

Whether you need both recycled and virgin plastic pellets or one or the other, we ensure that you receive your materials on time with consistently high standards of quality.

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