Need a reliable supply of virgin plastic pellets?

While our primary focus is on recycled materials, Uberplas recognises the vital role of virgin plastics in manufacturing. We collaborate with leading petrochemical companies to supply top-quality virgin plastic pellets, ensuring a full-service solution for our worldwide clientele.

Our offering includes both virgin plastic pellets and a range of recycled products, catering to diverse manufacturing needs, whether combined or as standalone requirements.

Uberplas is committed to enhancing and optimising global supply chains, ensuring businesses have the resources they need for seamless operations.

The Role of Virgin Plastics

Virgin plastics are indispensable in specific applications, such as medical and food-safe products. Many of our customers rely on the availability of high-grade virgin plastic in addition to our extensive assortment of recycled materials.

As a primary supplier, we need to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Providing the necessary virgin pellets is a critical part of our mission to effectively support your projects and manufacturing processes.

Our Virgin Plastic Pellets

Uberplas supply virgin plastic pellets in line with your individual production needs. These include:

  • LPDE Pellets

  • LLDPE Pellets

  • HDPE Pellets

  • PP Pellets

Customized Plastic Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

At Uberplas, we prioritise direct engagement with our clients to ensure that they receive the most suitable materials and supplies. Our approach starts with listening to your specific needs and leveraging our expertise to offer advice and guidance on the ideal products for your unique requirements.

Whether your operations require a combination of recycled and virgin plastic pellets or just one type, we are committed to delivering these materials on schedule, maintaining consistently high quality across all our products.

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Our goal at Uberplas is to streamline your supply process, making it as effortless and efficient as possible for you.

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