Customer Requirements

A leading recycling and bag manufacturing company in Türkiye needed to scale up production to meet the increased demand for recycled bags. This required a significant amount of high-quality, post-industrial Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) film to produce light-coloured bags.

Our Solution

We provided a tailored supply solution that included a specific grade of LDPE to match their production requirements. The supply was organised into three consecutive shipments to ensure a steady stream of materials. We also adapted our shipping methods to deliver these shipments promptly and efficiently to the Turkish port, following all regulatory requirements.


The precise and timely delivery of LDPE allowed the customer to significantly boost their production capabilities. Our flexible and responsive service facilitated seamless integration into their manufacturing processes and reinforced a collaborative partnership. This strategic support exceeded the client’s expectations, enhancing operational efficiency and contributing to their growth and sustainability goals.

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