Customer Requirements

A leading manufacturer in the FMCG industry required quality recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pellets for their blow-moulding applications. The client needed to scale up production and required additional tonnage of recycled HDPE pellets that met specific production requirements, Melt Flow Index (MFI) levels, and quality standards to ensure durable products.

Our Solution

We provided a tailored supply solution—a comprehensive evaluation to understand the client’s production process and the requirements for their blow-moulding operations. Based on our assessment, we identified the most suitable rHDPE pellet grade that matched their blow-moulding application. We provided samples for the client’s testing processes to ensure our product met their standards.
After successfully testing and approving the samples, we arranged the delivery of the recycled HDPE pellets according to our customer’s delivery schedule, guaranteeing that the packaging and transportation met the highest standards to maintain product integrity.


The accurate and prompt delivery of recycled HDPE pellets enabled the client to integrate them smoothly into their production line, greatly enhancing their product output. Our adaptable and responsive service fostered a solid and collaborative partnership, reaffirming our dedication to providing high-quality materials tailored to specific industry requirements and boosting their operational efficiency and sustainability objectives.

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