Customer Requirements

A leading European thermoplastic sheet manufacturer required high-quality recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) flakes for their thermoforming applications. The client needed to scale up production and required additional tonnage of rPET flakes in natural colour and optimum PPM levels that met specific production requirements, intrinsic viscosity (IV) levels, and quality standards to ensure the production of quality sheets.

Our Solution

We provided a customised supply solution, starting with a comprehensive evaluation to understand the client’s production process and the requirements for their thermoforming operations. Based on our assessment, we identified the most suitable rPET flake grade that matched their thermoforming application. We provided 500gr and 5kg samples for the client’s two-way testing processes to ensure our product met their production requirements.
After successfully testing and approving the samples, we coordinated the delivery of the rPET flakes in big bags according to the customer’s schedule, ensuring that the packaging and transportation maintained the highest standards to preserve product quality.


The timely delivery of rPET flakes allowed the client to seamlessly incorporate them into their production line, significantly improving their product output. Our flexible and responsive service cultivated a dedicated and collaborative partnership, demonstrating our commitment to supplying high-quality recycled materials tailored to industry-specific needs and enhancing their operational efficiency and sustainability goals.

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